Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Photo Gallery: The Second Time Around (First Year Second Semester)

1. Second Sem ain't complete without my fave lab specimens hehe proud bio major right here!

 2. Lights For Hope!!!


3. Awarding Ceremony at Yule Ball 
and I was nominated in two categories. 
Yay! Won Ms. Popular lol 
(I'm not, srsly. I dunno why I got the award.)

4. One of my very first projects! The Self-confidence Workshop! 
Felt so honored to have worked with  Ms. Marla Miniano, 
the EIC of my fave magazine, Candy Mag. 
I was fan-girling the whole time lol 

 5. With the best block evaaa at our Exposure Trip. 

 6. Mangrove Reforestation @ Subic 
Certified eco-warrior right there! HAHA


there's the barnacle we found lol

7. At Miel's super sweet 18th yacht party!!!

 where the kewl kidz are 

 Aloha! With Sam YG

forever buddies <3

8. Northern Lights: BoX Christmas Party
w/ the hottest DJ in town

They don't know about us 

9. Owe half of my first year life to these people. 
Thank you to my new found family! <3
Thank you so much for believing in me!!! lol 
(P.S. we're not complete there, 
there's so many people not in the picture lol)

10. with the best Filipino block everrrr!!! Fil-Honors class <3 
Love you guys to bits!!!

11. My first sleepover at Ella's place and we actually slept lol

12. Life ain't complete without my chem buddies <3

 13. Dissection w/ Ella. 
I swear we have the strongest and wildest Bufo marinus in class lol

14. Breakfast at Slappy Cakes. 
Here's KC's masterpiece lol

15. Matchy-matchy trainers with Janine <3

 16. One of the best plays I've watched yet, Ang Juan Tamban. 
Best Fil prof right there!

17. Camwhoring EnLit blockmatess lol

18. My very first Bonfire in Ateneo. 
Loud and proud Atenean right here!

19. Last day of the sem with the awesomest EnLit block everrrr!!! <3

coolest seatmate (ew loljk)